Wednesday, 7 October 2015

History Fair Today!

What a great day we had today...if you weren't there, you missed out. The room was filled with families exploring Time periods of History and great Countries and Cultures. We had China, Ethiopia, Guatemala, France, Haiti, Sudan, and Thailand......amazing displays and so much to learn about this great world we live in. We also had Ancient History with Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, Bible Times, Colonial America, Pioneers and so much more. There was even a great display on the History of Halloween. We have some very talented kids and the displays were fabulous.

We really have taught our kids something...they retain more than you enouraged!

IF you weren't there today--play to participate in the Spring Expo...a Science fair. Can't wait for that !

Happy Homeschooling!
The School Year is in full swing and I smell fall in the air, although it is expected to be 90 degrees today! Those 90 degrees will be faint memories soon!

The Carnival was a huge success with over 100 families in attendance! WOW! Thank you to all those who made this carnival a possibility! Thank you to the Booth operators! You guys were great! IT was a fun event and one we will repeat.

October is a fun month full of pumpkins and family events. I hope that you are joining us next week for a trip to the pumpkin patch at Lucky Ladd Farms. This will be a great morning! I hope that the weather cools down so it will feel like fall again.

October 27 is our HISTORY Fair at Winchester Community Center. Don't miss this event! We have families signed up to display a time period in History or a favorite country. (We have a few spots left if you are interested in exhibiting.) You DO NOT have to exhibit to attend! Come get ideas of how different time periods can be explored. See the wonderful displays and take a trip through history..or a trip around the world. The exhibit opens at 10 and runs till noon. Hope to see you there!

I hope to have a Mom's Event on the books for November...another Progressive Homeschool Tour. Date to be determined!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

SHAPE Events 2010/2011

I am finalizing plans for the new year and can't wait to share it with you. Please put the following date on your calendar:

August 11: This will be our kick off carnival. Don't miss some fun games and a chance for moms to sign up for the year's events.

Remember to bring your check book!

End of the year post!
What a great year we have had this year! We have had many events and I hope that your year was made better by the encouragement you

have received through SHAPE. That is why we are provide a support avenue for moms and dads pursuing excellence in education.

Let's take a brief look back at the 2009/2010 school year.

August.....kick-off party, park days and sign ups for fieldtrips. Your access to Enchanted learning began as well. I hope this was of

benefit to some of you! I know it was a help in my home!

September/October....Read-a-thon to benefit the Spring Hill Librarry concludes with a grand total of $450. 1st annual History Fair.

Also, just a quick note to tell you about an exciting new project we have been working on for a while and can now finally announce. Spring Hill School District are proud to announce a collaborative science day!

Icon Neon are a company that specialise in Neon signs and clocks and they are going to come in to tell the kids all about what neon is and how neon works.They did a similar project with the Winter Hill School District last year and apparently it went down a storm! So it should be really fun for all the family. 

This was by far the best event of the year~families set up tables displaying different time periods in history. It was a wonderful

day of kids sharing with kids and adults alike. What fun! PLAN to participate in 2010/2011. You won't be disappointed! There were also several fieldtrips in October.

November....Jr Naturalists, park days, fieldtrips...what more could you want?

December.....Gingerbread decorating party. This is a grand event......we had 60 gingerbread houses constructed and decorating.

Definitely sugar-plums dancing in our heads!

January...February...March More fieldtrips and park days. Moms night out too!

April....Curriculum sale and 1st annual Science fair. Afternoon Pillowcase sewing class with 20 cases sewed and donated to Vanderbilt

Children's Hospital.

May....Fieldtrips and Park days

June....Progressive Homeschool ROOM tour. This was a fun event and one that will be repeated. It was so refreshing to see how

different we all do this two homeschools are alike just as no two kids are alike. we are working on the plans for 2010/2011...interested in participating? Sign up now! Shape memberships are being

accepted now for the new school year. The membership fee will give you many benefits. We will have a members meeting in early August

with sign ups for fieldtrips and events. An invitation will be sent in July once dates are confirmed. Next year will be our best yet!

Christmas Festivities!
There is a great smell of gingerbread wafting through my home and I have visions of Gingerbread decoraters' converging on the

Winchester Community Center on Wednesday! We have a record number of participants. I can't wait to see all of you!

For those of you not able to attend this will be missed. I wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas season.

History Fair
Today was the 1st Annual History Fair. I say 1st annual because this is definitely an event that we will do again!

The room was filled with displays.....all different time periods. We had Early American, Egyptian, Roman, Asian, and many other times

and places represented. Some of the children were dressed in costume....very cute! There was humus to try....and you can sign your

name with a quill pen. The greatest part about this history fair....listening as the children very proudly explained what they had

learned...sharing about a craft, talking about the conditions a settler endured, explaining the process to mummify something. It was

really encouraging to see that our kids have learned a great deal...retained it and can articulate it!

We had a great lunch and then afterwards, many of our participants for the SHAPE Read-A-Thon picked up certificates and prizes. Our

kids have read a lot of books, a great deal of minutes, and many, many pages! At last count, the tally was over $600 to benefit the

Spring Hill Library. We hope to see many new homeschool resources on the shelf in the weeks to come!