October 27, 2010

History Fair Today!

What a great day we had today...if you weren't there, you missed out. The room was filled with families exploring Time periods of History and great Countries and Cultures. We had China, Ethiopia, Guatemala, France, Haiti, Sudan, and Thailand......amazing displays and so much to learn about this great world we live in. We also had Ancient History with Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, Bible Times, Colonial America, Pioneers and so much more. There was even a great display on the History of Halloween. We have some very talented kids and the displays were fabulous.

We really have taught our kids something...they retain more than you imagine...be enouraged!

IF you weren't there today--play to participate in the Spring Expo...a Science fair. Can't wait for that !

Happy Homeschooling!


Denise said...


We were so sorry to miss out! Are you going to post pics on the yahoo site? They are small on here and we can't see the displays. Thanks, Denise

Shelley said...

wonderful fair! thanks, terry!! & thanks for posting pictures.

is there a way to click on the hist fair pix & get a bigger image?