July 12, 2011


Summer is in full swing around here..those 100 degree days will be a faint memory before you know it, though!  Just wait...we'll be enjoying the parks and playgrounds once again.  The SHAPE Advisory Board has met for the first time this year and many fun activities are planned for the school year.  Some of the highlights include  International Festival, Literature Festival and Read-a-Thon,  Kids Biz Town, Bike and Kite Flying Day, and of course some of the old favorites...Gingerbread Decorating Party, Valentine's Day Party, Curriculum Discussions, Classroom Tour and more.  It is definitely going to be our best year yet!

Thankful to live in this great homeschooling community! 

Stay cool....


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whocanfind? said...

Looking forward to seeing the dates on these events! Happy Summer/Fall planning!